Advertiser Terms & Conditions

This policy is a part of our Terms and Conditions. By using BOON’s advertising service, you're agreeing to this policy and our Terms and Conditions.

Sponsored Products

Retailers can currently pay to list a product on our homepage. These Sponsored Products are displayed prominently on BOON’s homepage and are shown to all users arriving at the site without targeting . The display order of the Sponsored Products is chosen randomly for each session.

Ad fees are charged on a cost-per-mile (or “CPM”) basis, and you are responsible for paying for any impressions your ad receives. This means that you will be charged only when your ad is displayed to users. We charge a £3.00 CPM.

At BOON, we define an impression as when at least 80% of the entire advert is displayed in the user’s viewport (screen/window).

We will typically send you an invoice each month for your CPM campaign(s), but may send them more or less often at our discretion. You will be expected to pay the invoice within 10 working days of receipt. Failure do so may result in immediate removal of your advert and/or blacklisting of you as a retailer from advertising with BOON in future. If within 30 working days the invoice remains unpaid, appropriate legal action may be taken by BOON.

BOON is solely responsible to calculate the quantity of Impressions per Sponsored Product.

How to Advertise

To purchase sponsored products, you must submit an Insertion Order to You will need to include relevant materials listed below.

  • A link to an image under an SSL certified domain (https://…), with no dimension less than 230px and no dimension larger than 500px.
  • A product title. Titles over 50 characters long will be trimmed.
  • The product price (sale and normal price if it is on sale).
  • The link you want the Sponsored Product to direct to. You may include UTM parameters. If you don’t, we will automatically populate them.
  • The start and end date for the promotion.
  • The locale you wish to target (UK or US).
We will review all Insertion Orders we receive, but may reject them for any reason at our discretion.

Last updated: 05/04/2019